Sometimes I like to think about how I can make one of my very favorite breakfast items more elaborate -- in this case, my victim was the cinnamon roll.  Of course, the cinnamon roll is a pastry classic and incredibly delicious in its given form, but with the changing of the seasons, I was inspired to give the breakfast standard a sexy-seasonal makeover.  I decided to add apples, cheddar cheese and ground sausage -- mixing that cinnamon sweetness with savory cheddar, tart apples and spicy sausage just sounded too tempting NOT to try.  Have I piqued your interest?

The best part is, I made this recipe the easy way with pre-made Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Roll dough. We don't always have time to make dough from scratch, so I wanted to give myself and you a break.  It's okay, we can cheat a little bit sometimes!  There will be a day where I make these guys totally from scratch and I'm sure they will be incredible, but for now, let's thank that little squishy and ticklish dough boy for saving us an hour! 

The recipe is listed below and ready for you to print, BUT I just want to give you the specifics on what I used.  If you can, go for the Fuji red apples.  They shouldn't be mealy.  They have a crisp bite that's a little sweet and a little tart.  For the cheese, go for the sharpest cheddar you can find, yellow or white. The contrast with the apples is sinfully good!  For sausage, I would have liked to have gotten it fresh from a butcher and cooked it myself, but again sometimes there's no time and you have to buy Jimmy Dean Ground Sausage! It makes putting these rolls together much easier.

These apple-cheddar-sausage cinnamon rolls are the best thing on a chilly fall morning! Heat them up and serve with a side of scrambled eggs and your favorite coffee or tea -- breakfast complete! They are also great to take to a friends house for a brunch party!  Tell me what you think of this recipe in the comments below!

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