I was recently on an East Coast foodie adventure when I discovered my new favorite dessert, butter cake.  While dining at Jack's Firehouse in Philadelphia, my friends raved about their special dessert that was a must-order, the Amish Butter Cake.  One bite and I was gone.  I was somewhere beyond reality.  Over the moon, over the rainbow, it was a very good place to be.  The best way to describe its texture would be to say it's like a lemon bar without the lemon.  The soft, gooey cake lodges into your heart where your whole being falls in love with it. 

I looked up a recipe to make it the moment I was back in the West.  This would be my ultimate holiday contribution that would leave people begging for more!  Now, I pass the recipe on to you and thank Cheryl Souson of The TidyMom Blog, where I found the recipe!  I love Cheryl's version because it's easy with a guarantee of deliciousness.  Supposedly this dessert originated in St. Louis...then spread to the Amish?  Either way I love it!

Gooey Butter Cake