Let it be known that no product is off limits in the kitchen!  To be honest, I had never thought of cooking a dish with chai tea, but when Bhakti Chai wanted to collaborate and support my search for an authentically spicy, little-bit-sweet, savory recipe, I gladly took on the challenge!  

Bhakti has so many great blends to work with so it was hard to pick the best one for my dish.  During my brainstorming, I focused on the flavors of chai: spicy, gingery and slightly sweet.  I wanted my dish to bring out the spice, so I decided to use the semi-sweet ready-to-drink chai to create a spicy chai stir-fry!  I love the flavors of Asian cuisine and knew that using chai as a base would be a lot of fun!

For many stir-fry sauces the main ingredients are sugar and/or cornstarch.  I did not use either!  These are used as thickening agents, but I wanted this dish to have the least amount of sugar as possible.  I promise it tastes delicious!  Also note that this recipe uses tofu, but you may use any protein you wish!

Spicy Vegetarian Bhakti Chai Stir-Fry