When SkinnyPop Popcorn asked me, "If you could create your own unique popcorn snack, what would it be?" I thought very carefully about it!  When I think of popcorn, I definitely think of lounging, romantic comedies and being around friends.  That's when I knew my creation would have to be something perfect for a girl's night in.  I thought about flavors that would complement each other and of course, the popcorn. I decided that a sweet and salty mix of toasted coconut flakes, peanuts, lime zest and a coating of sweet coconut oil dressing would be my dream popcorn treat! Then I thought it would be perfect to serve this tropical popcorn in individual cups so friends could refill at anytime!  Adding a lime wedge for squeezing extra lime flavor on top was the perfect final touch.  

This recipe is incredibly easy and incredibly delicious!  All you need is a bag of SkinnyPop salted popcorn, a few limes, peanuts, coconut shreds, coconut oil and powdered sugar.  So round up your favorite movies and friends then munch the night away!