I was inspired to create this recipe after an incredible evening at LA's Mexicano Restaurant with Chefs Jet Tila, Jaime Martin Del Campo and Chef Ramiro Arizu for a dinner collaboration with the Thai Trade Center.  Wait, Mexican Food & Thai Food? How does this work?  Interestingly enough, chefs Jaime and Ramiro love to use the very best rice in the world at their restaurants -- Hom Mali Jasmine Rice, the rice of Thailand.  

"Thai Jasmine Rice is, without a doubt, the link between Thai and Mexican cuisine" says Chef Ramiro.  These chefs love to use it because of it's subtle flora aroma and soft, sticky texture when cooked.  The grains are also shorter and thicker than Spanish rice.

During the dinner, we got to taste a lot of delicious creations featuring Hom Mali Jasmine Rice -- but my favorite was the Horchata Traditional.  Horchata has always been one of my favorite beverages.  The sweet, creamy rice milk mixed with cinnamon goes down so easy!  I had to cut myself off after three -- one with Kahlua. You can imagine how excited I was that I got to take the recipe home and make my very own Horchata!

After making the Horchata a few days later, I started thinking about what could be added to it to make it a special Summer treat.  How about espresso and blended ice? Maybe some whipped cream on top? Yes! Horchata Frappuccinos! 

I'm telling you, these are ah-maaazing! However, I was a little annoyed when Starbucks decided to release their version right after I created mine, but theirs isn't even made with real horchata, so mine definitely wins! Sorry Starbucks! 

The longest part of this recipe will be soaking the rice for three hours or overnight, other than that it's quick to put together! I recommend using any leftover cinnamon sticks for decorating your finished beverage -- your friends will be impressed by the presentation and of course the delicious flavors! If you do want to booze these up, Kahlua is a great addition...

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*Horchata recipe compliments Mexicano Restaurant

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