It is officially Fall and I am very excited! So excited that I hosted a Fall Solstice Dinner Party over the weekend making the most of delicious, seasonal Fall produce - like figs of course! I should really use figs more in my cooking and baking this time of year — I love their sweetness and how they pair with meats, cheeses, breads and crackers! This crostini is a wonderful combo starring our Fall fruit along with goat cheese, honey, red pepper flakes, garden fresh basil and a baguette. When you take a bite, your mouth is going to pause and try to process all of the flavors going on — all super tasty!

These crostini are perfect for serving as an appetizer along with a great wine, like a crisp Rosé or buttery Chardonnay. I know that my girlfriends didn’t hesitate to eat more than one before dinner. The creamy goat cheese complements the fig so well and the basil and pepper add a nice contrast to the sweetness.

I do recommend visiting a local bakery that you love to pick up your baguette the day of your feast. Fresh bread makes a difference and it’s so worth it! I am super lucky to live walking distance to LA’s Republique — their baked goods are incredible!

Because these are do decadent, but easy to make, you have no reason not to have some friends over and serve them — or eat them by yourself! You will feel all kinds of sophisticated and accomplished. Yay figs!

Little Figgy Crostini