We all remember the "food truck craze" that popped up around 2007, food trucks were everywhere!  There were, and I think still are, entire cooking competition shows dedicated just to finding out who had the best food truck in America!  I definitely spent time eating from many, many food trucks when I first moved to LA.  Even though we don't hear as much buzz about them as we used to, it's good to know unique ones are still emerging!  Recently, I visited the Prince of Venice Food Truck, dedicated to making fresh handmade pasta dishes.  When I learned that this truck had been started by Emanuelle Filiberto di Savoia, the Prince of Piedmont and Venice, Italy, I was immediately intrigued! How many Italian Princes do you know that have started pasta trucks?! Exactly. It behooved me to do some taste testing!

As Filiberto explains, "The concept is to make a variety of fresh pasta in front of the clients and to serve it with incredible handmade sauces."  To accomplish this, he starts with only the best ingredients such as flour, olive oil and truffles imported from Italy.  What he doesn't get from the homeland, he finds from local businesses and farms here in Los Angeles. "I wanted to create a gourmet, fresh-pasta, Italian food truck with authentic recipes matched by equally high-quality ingredients." He definitely accomplishes this, but because of it, be prepared to spend some extra dough (Get it? I'm so funny!) -- but don't worry, it's worth it and you'll probably have leftovers to last you a day or two, the portions are huge! 

I was a real hog and tried three different pastas: The Cresto de Gallo with butternut squash, sage and cream sauce, the Tartufo with freshly grated black truffle, truffle butter and cream sauce and the Bucatini with garlic butter, chili flakes, lemon zest and cream sauce.  They were all delicious and I could tell how fresh that pasta was! To find out my favorite you're going to have to watch the video below!

The Prince of Venice Food Truck can be found at locations all over LA!  To find out where they will be next visit:

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