It's pink, layered with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and pastel marshmallows -- say hello to the world's prettiest white hot chocolate fantasy, Unicorn Hot Chocolate. I'm a little disappointed that my mind didn't come up with it first, but the woman who beat me to it is Joanna Czikalla and now I worship her.  

Czikalla started serving cakes, ice cream, coffee and specialty beverages last year at her dessert café, Créme & Sugar in Anaheim Hills, California.  Her Lavender Latte was the most popular beverage--until now.  The Unicorn Hot Chocolate, which is a secret menu item, has quickly become the biggest seller and an instagram superstar leading to recent features on The Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan.  

So, I bet you're dying to know what it's like! After your tongue swirls through the dense cream, chewy mallows and crisp sprinkles, the first sip hits you with the very forward flavor of white chocolate, it floats down your throat, wrapping it in a warm, soft blanket and you realize you have tasted peace on Earth. You don't even care that it's dripping down the side of your mug and coating your fingers.  This is not an order you would want everyday, but on special occasions, I don't know if there is anything better. Beware, you will experience a severe sugar coma if you decide to finish your entire mad-hatter sized mug.  

If you want to contine down the Unicorn road, Créme & Sugar also offers Unicorn Cake, a Unicorn Milkshake and Unicorn Bark (A rainbow swirled white chocolate bar). The cake looks like it came straight from a My Little Pony's birthday party -- three layers of colorful vanilla cake dressed in sparkly rainbow frosting.  It is the best vanilla cake I have ever tasted. The texture is dense and wholesome.  It is clear that Czikalla has sourced the best flour, eggs, butter and sugar for her creation. I tasted a hint of cornmeal, though I don't think there is any in the recipe, but I liked it! 

Rating: XXXX

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