When some friends and I stumbled upon Vernetti in Larchmont Village we were unaware of the delights that were to come to our table.  After reading the menu posted outside we walked in. It was a Saturday at noon, the peak of brunch-rush in LA, but there was a windowside table open - score!  I was immediately charmed by the bar and dining room decor - modern, classic and clean with tall white walls and plenty of natural light.  I don't know how this restaurant slipped under my radar - but regardless, I was happy to be introduced finally!

Okay, a darling Italian restaurant, ordering a cappuccino was a must.  Ever since my trip to Italy last year I have become obsessed with finding the most authentic Italian cappuccinos in LA.  Some have failed miserably and some have come very close, but the cappuccino at Vernetti has nailed it.  An Italian cappuccino is all about the milk foam to espresso ratio, the perfect balance. I truly felt like I was back in Rome just looking at it.  Then of course, it tasted amazing.

For a starter we ordered the cinnamon roll, since the rest of our orders were savory - something sweet was needed...also we were very hungry.  I had never seen a cinnamon roll like this before, it was made of flaky pastry dough and lacking in thick icing.  It was delicious.  Sweet cinnamon and butter clung to the walls of the dough - it didn't need icing!  Also, it looked like a piece of art.

We also ordered the Avocado Toast, Morning Carbonara and Crispy Polenta Cake.  The Avo Toast was served on delicioius multigrain bread drizzled with balsamic which was a new twist to the usual LA avocado toasts!  I loved the sweet and tangy flavor in contrast to the salty egg. 

The carbonara was overall a great order.  There was no shortage of crispy guanciale or grated cheese, that's for sure! I only wished that the noodles had been bathed in slightly more egg yolk, they were a little dry for my taste.  They didn't leave much lip-licking post bite.  

The Crispy Polenta Cake was a sweet potato polenta served with soft scrambled eggs, sautéed chantrelles and sage.  Basic, but satisfying and they certainly made the most of the mushroom serving. The key was to line up all three on the fork for one special bite.   The sweet potato was unexpected and turned out to be incredibly delicious.

I would love to visit again and try other menu items; Caramelized French Toast with candied citrus, whipped mascarpone, the Semolina Waffle and the House Cured Lox Plate with tomato, capers, red onion, cream cheese, toasted ciabatta.  I would also love to come in for dinner and sit at the bar and swirl a glass or two of wine!   

Rating: XXX

For more info visit: www.vernetti.la