Norah Restaurant, helmed by Chef Mike Williams, automatically got points when I found out it was walking distance from my West Hollywood Apartment.  I had heard a little bit about it so when I looked it up and realized that it was where "Don't Tell Mama's" used to be, I was jazzed.  I made a reservation to check it out ASAP!

When I walked through the doors I was immediately impressed with the vibe and overall decor.  The aesthetic looked like something I would create with an unlimited spending limit. I loved the black marble tables, even if they were purchased with the intention of easy instagram fame.  It's all about the marble y'all.

Location, awesome.  Decor, awesome.  Cocktails, awesome.  Food, awesome.
The cocktail I ordered was delicious because it involved cucumber and egg white, two things that I love in my cocktails!  I can't remember what it was called and it's not on the menu anymore so that might make me one of the worst dining reviewers ever, but I'm going to keep going! You can see how pretty it was in the photo.

Based on the imagery you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.  The Cast Iron Cornbread with Rosemary-Honey Butter was so moist that it crumbled apart the second you tried to lift it from the skillet floor, personally I like it that moist.  And yeeaaah, that butter could make rocks rolled in tar taste like heaven.  The two together were a real my mouth! 

Roots and Burrata, Roasted Carrots, Beets, Pistachio Puree and Onion Escabeche.  I Thank god the roots were carrots.  I would have been miffed with a plate of roasted radishes. Well, radishes did make an appearance, but only a one liner, the carrots were the star. The warm carrots and cool burrata tasted so good together, earthy and slightly sweet.

I ordered the Little Sausages with Kaffir Lime Chili Jam, Herb Salad and Toasted Rice Powder, specifically for the Jam.  I love Jam and this one sounded incredibly unique and tasty. It was and I couldn't help but fantasize how good it would be on avocado toast. Dangerous! I didn't love the sausages as much as the the jam, they were a little too spicy for me.

The pasta dish, Nettle Gnocchi was my favorite.  I do not remember the fine details of this dish and like that cocktail it's not on the menu anymore so all I have to reference is my wordless palate.  I remember the flavors though, and the textures quite vividly.  The sauce was rich and creamy and coated each bite thickly. Chopped peanuts added an intense crunch that was needed to cut through the sauce.  Greens cleansed after each gnocchi bite.  I experienced the sensations of a well balanced plate, that's what great dishes give you, a smart chef knows this.

I just found out that Norah has started their brunch service and I can hardly wait to trot down to it! 

Rating: XXXX

Norah Restaurant
8279 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90046