You know a burger is legit when your dad calls and asks you if you've ever heard of "Bareburger" because he's reading about it right now online.  "Yes dad, I told you, I just ate there!"  Dad is calmed to know that his daughter is indeed up on all of the latest and greatest restaurant trends.  Close one.  Thanks for saving my ass Bareburger Santa Monica, which by the way, is the first Bareburger to open on the West Coast.  The chain started in New York City and now has 28 locations internationally.  Worth tasting?  I think so!

The one thing that you should know about Bareburger is that, well, it's not for sissies. As you can clearly see from the above photo, which is the "Supreme" burger, topped with bacon, lettuce, colby cheese, chopped fries, onion rings and special sauce, this burger place takes the meat and bun game extremely seriously!

Not only does Bareburger feature a fanciful array of numerous burgers complete with different patty options: we're talkin' Elk, Wild Boar, Duck, Bison, Turkey, Sweet Potato and even Mushroom...and beef of course.  Any restaurant who goes through the trouble to get Wild Boar on their menu means business.  

After a few minutes of contemplating how I was going to fit the Supreme into my mouth, I finally just went for it.  I nearly fit it all, but a few fried spilled out.  I have to say eating a burger felt better knowing that the meat had been very humanely treated: no hormones, no antibiotics, free-range, gluten free and pasture raised.  These were happy animals people! That's how Bareburger does it, if only McDonald's could say the same...back to the burger, it was totally tasty!  I would have slapped some bbq sauce on it, had it been on the table.  Because onion rings and bbq sauce work very well together.  

The burger wasn't the only thing I tried.  There was a Chocolate Milkshake, the Sunny Daze salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Pickles, Crispy Brussel Sprouts, the Falafelwraptor and an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich that all had the pleasure of being tasted by me.

The Falafelwraptor was surprisingly a big hit.  You can never be too sure with vegetarian sandwiches, but this one was quite good; chickpea falafel, feta, spicy pico de gallo, alfalfa, cucumbers, pickled red onions, lemon tahini wrapped in collard greens. I loved the feta mixed in there, gave it that bite to cut through the falafel.  

I also have to mention the pickles.  I am a HUGE pickle fan.  I love all kinds, so I really wanted to try the ones on the menu here.  I opted for the dill pickles.  They were served to me in an adorable jar and met my standards.  Ironically, I don't like pickles on my burgers, but I love to eat them plain.  I would eat a side of these any day!

Although I don't think I will be able to make a regular commute to Santa Monica, I would definitely eat here again.  I will also be telling my westside pervs to check it out!

Rating: XXX

2732 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405