The last time I was at Hyde Sunset on a Sunday was in the summer of 2010 for a daytime club party, "Sunday Funday," if you will, and brunch was not being served.  This time around, at since re-named Hyde Sunset Kitcken + Cocktails I had a much different, much better experience. I went in with no expectations, but I can report that Chef Chris Crary (Top Chef) has created a true Angeleno brunch menu.

The space is expansive and the decor is California luxury.  As if you've walked into an extraordinary beachfront Malibu mansion dining room set for a few hundred.  The chairs are padded with supportive cushions and sunlight is welcomed through winking curtains.  It's a photographer's lighting dream...during brunch at least.

After being seated, I started things off with a P.D.A., no I didn't grope myself in public, that's the name of the cocktail I ordered; Jim Beam, applejack, ginger, honey, egg whites. I had already had some coffee at home, why not get this brunch party started with some booze?  It hit the spot I was aiming for as the whipped froth met my tongue and the bourbon met my blood.  My first sip was the cue to start sending out the food.  Game on.

The Order

  • Avocado Toast:  Roasted tomato, fresno chili, bean sprout, lemon
  • House Made Ricotta:  Fig, orange honey, toast
  • Crispy Brussels Sprout:  Almond, date, sherry, honey
  • Chilaquiles: Egg, tortilla, black bean, crème fraiche, salsa
  • Lobster Benedict:  Poached egg, muffin, spinach, hollandaise
  • Cinnamon Monkey Bread:  Served in cast-iron

Everything I ate was delicious, but as always, I have my favorites that I like to elaborate on.


One-hundred percent, the best chilaquiles I have had in LA. Period.  The pico de gallo tasted like all of its ingredients had  just been picked and diced by a grandmother in her hacienda outside of Guadalajara.  I don't know how else to describe how fresh and authentic it tasted.  The tomatoes, onions and peppers laced in lime and cilantro stood in cool contrast to the warm egg.  Every bite was a happy experience.  Get this dish when you go.  Please.

The house-made ricotta with fig was hard to put down. I love ricotta, and often think it's an overlooked member of the spreadable cheese family.  Pairing the fluffy creaminess with fig is a no-brainer.  It's elegant, simple and satisfying.  A lovely marriage of sweet and savory.  This is a great starter to order for the table.

I am also going to mention the monkey bread, because it was stupid tasty.  If it hadn't been ordered as my "dessert" I would have eaten the entire serving in less than five minutes.  It was the gooiest, softest, most delicious version of monkey bread I had ever had.  It was like the best cinnamon roll you can think of, but better.  I also loved that it was served in an individual sized cast-iron pan, keeping it perfectly warm.  

There are so many great brunches to try in LA, but move Hyde to the top of your list!