When you do Sunday Brunch at Bagatelle on La Cienega, do not expect to read the paper in peace and quiet. Instead, expect to keep your Saturday night going.  Be prepared for the ultimate "Sunday Funday" with decadent food, perky cocktails, and an upbeat soundtrack - literally, there is a DJ spinning.  Bagatelle on Sunday is where Party meets Brunch, and it's one hell of a good time! Guests are sipping, laughing, swaying, and eating under the glowing chandeliers - it's a beautiful sight. 


No one should party alone, so I brought my friend Maren, of www.lovehappyhour.com, to check out the scene with me.  We started at the bar and ordered a bellini and prickly pear mimosa.  The bartender asked if we were drinking on empty stomachs, of course we were!  He then made us a special shot.  All I know is that it was green, tasted healthy and free of booze.  Thanks bartender!

Once seated at our table we were very well taken care of.  Our feast included the finest items on the menu.

  • Beef Tartare: Hand-cut filet mignon, quail egg, capers, crispy shallots, petite herbs salad
  • Jumbo Lump Crab Salad: Avocado, citrus supremes, frisée, citrus vinaigrette
  • Brioche French Toast: Homemade strawberry-maple marmalade, whipped créme fraiche
  • Lobster Benedict: Sauteed lobster, soft-poached hen egg, hollandaise, english muffin, mixed green salad

I'm wondering if you're having the same reaction I did when you read, Lobster Benedict (OMFG!).  This dish, without a doubt was my favorite.  Lobster meat is so special.  It's so subtly sweet and satisfying.  When covered with Bagatelle's hollandaise, it becomes something dream-like, almost too good to be true. The slight hint of lemon, the creamy texture, the divine meat of the sea, all come together in a marvelous melody of taste.  It is one of the pricier menu items, but when you're at "prunch" the word no doesn't exist.  Say yes to everything if you want to have the best experience!

You must also order some coffee, because it's amazing.  It was rich and earthy with a slight pinch of good bitterness.  I have become a huge coffee snob over the past two years and it's something I really judge an establishment on.  I wasn't giving Bagatelle a stunning review without trying their coffee!  Luckily, my cup didn't let me down, not the first time or third.

Remember kids, prunch is not for wimps.  You better show up ready to have a good time and fill up on exquisite beverages and fare. Relax, you have time to sleep in, anytime after 12 is the perfect for arrival...the party goes on all afternoon! 

For more information please visit www.bagatellelosangeles.com