You may or may not know that cheeseburgers are my favorite thing to eat.  I love to tell the story that I'm made of mom ate a ton of cheeseburgers when she was pregnant with me! Dandy burgers to be exact.  My last meal would absolutely be a double cheeseburger with avocado and bacon.  In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, coming up this Sunday, September 18th, I have tasted all four, location-specific Umami Burgers so that I can tell you which ones you can eat where...and so you can drool over this mad burger porn, duh!

Umami Burger Santa Monica - Loco Moco
beef patty, rice patty “buns,” gravy, fried egg, chives

The Loco Moco is not actually a cheeseburger, but I wanted to include something for you lactose intolerant burger lovers! I will warn you, this burger is rich, therefore best enjoyed with a side of crisp Umami pickles.  You will want some tang to cut through the gravy!

Umami Burger Broadway - Trattoria Burger
bacon lardon & beef patty, crispy capitol, arugula, parmesan frico, roasted garlic aioli, roasted pine nuts

Out of the four new burgers that I tried, this one was my favorite.  Probably because mixing bacon into beef is the way to my heart.  I wasn't sure how the pinenuts were going to work, but they were surprisingly tasty and added an earthy flavor that paired well with the salty parmesan and capitol. 

Umami Burger at The Grove - Kinoko Burger
portobello mushroom buns, grilled chicken breast, basil pesto, parmesan, arugula, cherry tomato confit, goat cheese, balsamic glaze

Living that carb-free life?  This is the burger of your dreams!  It does require a fork and knife to devour it though, unless you don't mind having sticky balsamic hands!  I really liked this burger, the tomato confit was delicious and I also felt like I was eating something healthy...haha.

Umami Burger Pasadena - Pepperbelly Burger
house beer-cheddar cheese stuffed beef patty, Umami chili, Fritos crumble, pickled serranos, roasted garlic aioli

Oh snap, this burger is HOT.  The Pepperbelly was my second favorite...because chili, cheese and Fritos on a burger? YES.  If you like your burgers wild and spicy, here you go, eat this thing!  That crispy Frito crunch really is something special and should probably be on more burgers.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all an awesome National Cheeseburger Day! 

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