When you hold a B&K cube up to your mouth, fully commit to the experience.  The rich chocolate will softly break away and melt behind your teeth, then your tongue will become wrapped in the most velvety and moist cake it has ever felt.  The chocolate will overpower you.  You may have to sit down.  You will look at the remaining cube seated between your figures and think, “Chocolate will never be the same.”

The Bohnhoff and Kent Co., Olivia Bohnhoff and Cory Pohlman, have come up with something that not even a Beverly Hills housewife has thought of yet.  They design gorgeous handbags, cubes and vignettes...made of pure chocolate and cake. The incredibly detailed items will fool you at first.  Perhaps you will think you’re staring at a red velvet clutch, fit for any red carpet event, but you are actually looking at a solid chocolate case filled with decadent cake. The best part is, they taste as good as they look and are available with a gluten free flour if you prefer.

Is it chocolate or is it cake?  Bohnhoff best describes the product as, “a chocolate sculpture filled with cake.”  She insists they are mainly a chocolate company, but decided that cake was the best filling for their elaborate designs.  Each item is painted by hand to convey the most realistic and glamorous look.

Available now are the chocolatier’s exquisite holiday inspired creations, including cubes, vintage holiday ornaments and gift box vignettes.  The seasonal cake flavor is dark chocolate mint, but items may also be ordered in caramel cream cheese.  

If you are looking for a truly delicious and unique gift this holiday season, these cakes are ideal for the most fabulous foodie/dessert lover you know.  It is also an impressive treat for holiday parties!  

Holiday Options
Joy Cubes: Four chocolate cubes spelling out “Joy”.  Classic and elegant.

Gift Boxes Vignette: Five individually created gift boxes.  The gift of gifts!

Holiday Collection: Eight cubes combining vintage ornament designs, gift boxes, and the previous “joy cubes” arranged in a visually stunning display.  Be the legend of the party.

B&K will take care of everything, including a personalized note in their signature stationary.  

Keep in mind, the holiday assortments are available in addition to the permanent collection where you will find the one-of-kind handbag designs.  

Bohnhoff and Kent Co. have been in operation for the past year and have had some happy successes.  In fact, a very prominent female pop star went gaga for the desserts and ordered them to celebrate her friend’s gallery opening at the Gagosian.  B&K are the final word on designer chocolate and a bite from them would be any food pervert’s dream.  I’m also sure if you left some out for Santa, you would get everything on your wish list. 

For all information please visit www.bohnhoffkent.com

Happy Holidays!