I've been wanting to explore the Ace Hotel's restaurant, LA Chapter, for a few weeks.  I screamed when I found out it shared owners with Five Leaves in Brooklyn! I ate at Five Leaves when I was in New York this past October and fell in love with their famous Five Leaves Burger.  They have the same burger on the menu at LA Chapter!  I am so excited to have a little piece of New York in LA!

For the first round, I went for breakfast.  Breakfast is my weakness and if a restaurant I’m dying to try offers a breakfast menu, you bet that’s what I’m trying first!  If you can’t make a good pancake, I doubt you can make a good dinner entree!  I was thoroughly aroused by most of the menu items.  

The Order

  • The Carnation - Blood orange juice, sparkling rosé
  • Ricotta Pancakes - Three fluffy pancakes topped with bananas and berries served with honeycomb butter and maple syrup
  • Big Breakfast - Toast, two Eggs, hash browns and choice of two additional sides.  We went with bacon (DUH) and sautéed mushrooms.

This morning cocktail, The Carnation, was right up my alley.  Fruity and bubbly! The candied hibiscus flower harpooned with a toothpick was a nice touch.

The Pancakes. HOLY JESUS.  I knew I had made the right decision when I saw them delivered to another nearby table.  They looked like a statue of deliciousness.  I believe they were the most stunning pancakes I had ever seen in my 30 years of life. 

When they were finally delivered to my table, my breath was taken away.  The clever arrangement of the fruit was impressive.  The banana had been cut in half length-wise and sat smiling on top of the cakes.  I had never seen this before and loved it.  The strawberries and blueberries looked strategically placed in the most appealing of ways.  Even if they had quickly been tossed on, it didn’t look that way.

Now it was time to destroy the tower in front of me.  I smeared the honeycomb butter and poured the maple syrup heavily, wanting to drench every inch.  It was time.  I sliced a triangle three layers high and slipped it into my mouth.  Oooooh my Gaaaawwwwd. The texture, the flavor, the everything.  I could taste butter and ricotta intensely, in a good way.    The cakes were fluffy at first then melted into a smooth batter.  The honeycomb butter was insane and added a special quality to the whole experience.  There isn’t much more to say other than, damn, these pancakes stole my heart and my stomach.

The big breakfast was the perfect order to complement the pancakes.  We had our sweet and savory.  The biggest stand out on this plate were the hash browns.  The way they were prepared was magical. They were perfectly crisp on the outside, but, then you take a bite and smushy potato butteriness escapes.  Almost like a hash brown fritter! I could have eaten five of them...or ten.  

I was so happy with the quality of food, the detail in presentation and the friendly service.  The hotel itself is gorgeous and worth checking out...especially the rooftop! I would be thrilled to go back to LA Chapter anytime...and will of course! 

For more info visit www.lachapter.com

Overall Rating *****