Get ready, because the 6th Annual Feast Portland is about to launch and I will be there getting the lowdown on the best bites!  This incredible food event presented by Bon Appétit Magazine and founded by Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch has been referred to as "The Best Food Festival in the country" by Thrillist  -- I have been aware of it's existence for a few years now and finally get to go! I could not be more excited to taste the creations of over 80 vendors including amazing chefs, vintners, brewers, bakers, cheesemakers and food artisans -- not only from the Northwest, but all across the country! 

The four-day food wonderland will take place from September 14th - 17th at venues all across Portland.  Did I mention I'm an Oregonian and super stoked to be eating all weekend in a city I grew up visiting?  The Portland food scene itself is on fire, so it makes sense that a huge event gathering talent from this city and beyond would become an early autumn tradition.

Not to get you too excited, but here are just a few of the names you might recognize who will be charming us with their sexy cooking skills -- Aaron Franklin (Franklin Barbecue), Naomi Pomeroy (Beast), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok), Christina Tosi (Milk Bar) and much more talent from Portland and other great cities! 

The events begin Thursday night at 6pm where attendees will be cruising the Sandwich Invitational or dining at one of the delicious dinners.  Then Friday and Saturday during daylight guests can enjoy the all-day Grand Tastings and/or attend specialized tastings and classes and even more dining events spill into the evenings.  On Sunday, for those who haven't busted their jeans yet -- there is Brunch Village starting at 11 am and more events going until 6pm. Overall, this weekend will be a food lovers fantasy of fantasies.  

Many of these Portland Feast events have sold-out but some tickets do remain!  If you are anywhere in the vicinity and love great food -- you cannot miss this!  

For all event information please visit www.feastportland.com