When we hear “Sundance” we all think about the movie screenings, the skiing and the after parties, but did you know there are also incredible dinner parties going on?  The most renowned being the ChefDance series, now an official partner and in it’s 15th year! January 18th - 22nd, creators Mimi Kim (pictured above) and Kenny Griswold have lined up incredible chefs for world class, multi-course dinners in Park City, Utah and you’re lucky to get a seat! 

Kim, who first attended the Sundance Film Festival in 2002, loved her experience, but noticed something was missing -- an incredible dinner party!  Being the food lover that she is, Kim wanted to create an event that would combine her passions for food and film.  Thus, ChefDance was born.  For 15 years now, film lovers and entertainment industry insiders have been snagging seats at the incredible ChefDance dinners -- which have now become a 4-night series! This year, four incredible chefs: Luigi Fineo, Brian Malarkey, Beau MacMillan and Shawn McClain, will be cooking up meals to fuel discussions, create bonds and of course please the palate. 

Each night is going to be memorable, but perhaps the most intriguing dinner will be Chef Shawn McClain & Refinery 29’s “49 Remarkable Women and One Really Cool Dude!” on January 20th, which is invite-only.  Given the current "me too" movement taking place, this dinner seems more than timely and appropriate. 

Local LA food enthusiasts — myself included — got a little tease of what these dinner parties are like recently at Kim’s home.  We enjoyed a sampling of bites from a menu prepared by Michelin Starred Chef Luigi Fineo, which included salmon, roasted beef tenderloin, Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Black Truffles and other dishes. It was a very special experience and made me wish I would be attending the actual dinners in Park City this week! 

Myself with Chef Luigi Fineo

Myself with Chef Luigi Fineo

This is very obvious, but yes, the Risotto was the highlight of the meal in my opinion.  I had a wonderful time watching as it was prepared — so, so, so much butter (the secret ingredient).  Risotto is one of those classic dishes that you really can’t go wrong with and adding truffles just makes it even more magical.  It’s a classic pairing for a reason, it just works and works well! 

If you’re cooler than me and will be at Sundance this week, please make the attempt to get a seat at one of these dinners! 

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