Air Food, the French-Meets-Californian dining concept created by owners Marc & Theirry, not only has incredible Avocado Toast (which is really saying something when everyone in LA is doing a version of it), but they also have a pretty impressive water bar! Yes, they serve over 50 bottles of still and sparkling water from all over the world.  Perched at Broadway and Ocean Avenue the petite eatery is worth making a stop at -- Morning, Noon, or Night.  I happened to stop in the morning and was so glad that I did!

I started with a frothy, rich latte then enjoyed several of the breakfast menu classics -- a freshly baked croissant, Parisian omelette and of course, had to try the avocado toast.  What I loved about the avocado toast so much was the texture and flavor of the bread.  I could tell it had been grilled -- making it crisp on the outside but soft in the middle.  It tasted like bread just out of the oven.  The arugula, avocado and two poached eggs kissed with a tart vinaigrette made for the perfect flavor complexity. It just makes me so happy to find a food trend that is done exceptionally well -- this is one of them!

What about the water?!  Yes, even though it was a bit overwhelming with all of the choices I selected the Numen water from Spain -- as it came highly recommended from the staff!  I don't know what is going on with the water in Spain, but it was magical!  I almost didn't want to finish it because I wanted it to last forever!  Maybe the cleanest tasting water I ever sipped down.  

To really get the full experience of my time at Air Food, Watch my newest Youtube episode of Naughty Bites below!

*Photos of me taken by Barbara Lopes

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