In this episode of Naughty Bites, I visit the newly opened "Burrata House" - and in all honesty this was the last day that I ate meat and dairy. I have loved meat and cheese my entire life, so the change has been different and something I never saw coming. Something I will go into more detail about later, but please know that everything I say in this episode was true at the time - every bite of burrata and parma was SOOOOOO delicious -- it makes me happy that those are the last memories I have!

For those of you who are not giving up meat and dairy anytime soon, Burrata House is definitely a place to go to get your fix. All of the ingredients are fresh and as locally sourced as possible. There are gluten-free and vegetarian options and the company is very environmentally conscious, so all packaging is biodegradable - a big selling point for me for sure when I think about what businesses and restaurants I want to support.

Don't expect a lot of fuss when you go to visit, instead be charmed by the simple, order-at-the-counter deli feel and pretend you wandered down an alley in a magical Italian city -- that's how authentic the flavors are. And of course, for all of the savory details, watch this episode which included taste testing and an interview with one of the Burrata team members, Antonello!

3272 Motor Ave A Unit A, Los Angeles, CA 90034