Are you ready to explore the newest trend in coffee with me? Check out Coffee Dose - home of naturally enhanced coffee and tea beverages - that's right, try fun additions like CBD oil, charcoal or collagen! Just what the doctor ordered, right? These "RX" beverages are highly creative and use only the best ingredients - raw nut milks, wild honey and even house-made syrups like lavender! And don't forget to notice the in your face marketing - cups printed with "Anti-Bitch Serum" and "So Fucking Zen" are sure to make you smile - and post an IG friendly pic.

I tried the best selling "Matcha Mary Jane" and the "Detox" on ice with coffee... both delicious. I go more in depth about the shop and brand with Chris McColl - Director of Operations. This is an interview you don't want to miss!

Coffee Dose was started by Jeni and Oscar Castro - the first shop opened in Costa Mesa and now it has a second home on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.