When I decided to stay over in Hong Kong on my way to Thailand, I had no idea how much there was to do and see in this incredible city! When I began researching the highlights of Hong Kong, I quickly realized that my one-day stay was probably not going to get me everywhere that I wanted - but I would prioritize and make the most of the time I did have. My day started at about 8 am and ended at 8 pm, then it was time for bed, to be up early in the morning for my flight to Koh Samui, Thailand.

During my day I was able to check out the following:

I think my very favorite thing about Hong Kong was the skyline. I was lucky to see it during the day from the water - even though the sky was moody and gray and the wind was whipping my hair, I saw the magnificence of the silver buildings. Then at night, from the rooftop at Sevva, I saw them again, this time glowing with a rainbow of neon colors - pinks, reds, blues, greens, yellows. It managed to come across as chic, not cheap. I’ll never forget those views!

And then, what I found the most interesting about Hong Kong, was how diverse it was. Sooo many different kinds of people - Ex-Pats from the States, Europe and Australia as well as people from all over Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. I heard many languages and saw many faces. It was wonderful to see a city so globally connected and engaged.

Though, my list of things to do in Hong Kong still remains partially un-finished, the things that I DID do, brings me great satisfaction.

For my full video tour, watch below!